Couture Georgetown Oriental Cushion

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Couture Georgetown Oriental Cushion



Having been back to my motherland, Malaysia, for the first time in years this past winter, I fell in love with the array of colourful oriental textiles all over again.

On a jaunt to Georgetown, a beautifully preserved heritage town in Penang, we stayed at the sumptuously decorated Seven Terraces Hotel. The artful mix of Chinese and European influences captured the spirit of this old colonial town whose distinct architecture and feel reflects its diverse heritage.

Capture the spirit of East meets West with my couture Georgetown oriental cushion.

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45 x 25 cm cushion cover

Colour (front)- black, gold, silver and white

Colour (back)- gold, tan, sand

Satin brocade front and glazed cotton brocade back

Piped edge detailing

Zipper closure

Handmade in London 

We highly recommend a down feather insert that is circa 50 x 30cm for plumpness