Anouska Tamony Designs is an award winning London based boutique design studio and member of House & Garden magazine's 'The List' that undertakes interior and architectural projects in London, regionally and internationally.

Offering in-depth, tailored advice, the Studio undertakes projects ranging from single space interior decoration to full-scale renovations and extensions. The breadth of service includes kitchen and bathroom design, custom joinery specification and, lighting and electrical planning. The Studio is able to produce technical drawings, commission bespoke furniture and source unique works of art, alongside project managing and overseeing the refurbishment process itself, providing both the creative and practical assistance to ensure clients feel supported, inspired and fully assisted at every step of the process whether transforming a personal residence or portfolio investment.

Above all the Studio strives to create original homes that reflect and resonate with the individuals and families who inhabit them with an established team of trusted architects, surveyors, builders, decorators and artisans bringing each client’s vision to life with diligence and thoughtfulness.




Anouska's style is elegant and thoughtful, with a keen understanding of design history and a love of art underpinning her work resulting in a studied and reflective approach, bolstered by a deep appreciation of exquisite craftsmanship and passion for architecture, that is primarily led by a client's individual style and personality. The result being layered and interesting spaces that feel at once inviting.

Clients enjoy a genuinely consultative relationship with Anouska, a Provisional Associate of the British Institute of Interior Design, who believes in establishing both trust and understanding in order to interpret and create personal and intimate spaces that will stand the test of time. In her eyes each room is unique, there are no rules, no formulae, no blue print, which means that from conception through to completion there is complete focus on creating homes that are singular and at one with their surroundings.

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Anouska has Eurasian heritage and fondly recalls the mix of Eastern and Western styles in her family home. Modernist, Mid-century and Art Deco pieces sat alongside exotic curiosities from farther afield, with her Singaporean grandmother, a couture seamstress, giving Anouska a long-lasting interest in textiles.

Anouska is inquisitive by nature and inspired by the world around her, whether that’s a vibrant bazar in Marrakech, a graffiti emblazoned alley in East London, or the colours and textures of Dartmoor’s untamed moorland. Her eye for detail and innate curiosity enable her to source precious and thoughtful pieces for her clients from all over the world.