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An evolving project for the Studio. A peculiar house at the end of a Victorian terrace in Victoria Park Conservation Area. When we began undertaking some architectural archeology we discovered the house sits on a WW2 bomb site. In the 1970s a new house rose from the rubble in a style that mimicked the look of its 19th century neighbours on the street but come the naughties the ugly duckling was given a facelift and extended, creating a unique modern home with lots of architectural idiosyncrasies.

A decade later and its current owners, a young creative family, got in touch with a brief to turn the previously minimal space into a striking home inspired by their love of art, especially surrealism and the avant-garde, with a garden at that back that fuses Eastern Zen influences with surrealist sculptural forms..

The entrance to the house will be crowned with a cast bronze ‘ouroboros’ knocker. The symbol, a serpent eating its tail, originates from Ancient Egypt where it represented the cycle of life, death, rebirth and renewal. Dense with meaning across Eastern and Western cultures past and present it is both a universal symbol and a deeply personal one to the clients.



  • Facade renovation

  • Rear extension and canopy in folding copper and verdigris


  • 4 storey refurbishment inc. sound proofed cinema room and study


  • Humidor & wine storage with backlit onyx and custom made handles

  • Freestanding furniture inc. marquetry record player cabinet with hand painted details

  • Japanese shoji style wardrobe

  • Sculptural outdoor chaise longue


  • Conceptual design

  • Furniture & art specification


  • Integrating smart lighting, heating, audio, security, air conditioning, media, wifi and window treatments