We all love a good before and after so here is a snapshot of our latest Warwick Avenue Classical project before we got our mittens on it alongside snaps of the finished article.

I've also listed the key challenge in each room to give an insight into the design process and the solutions we created.



KEY CHALLENGE- The key challenge in the sitting room was to minimise the visual domination of the client's television and hi-fi system. As the client wished a classically English look I thought that a perfect solution would be to create discreet joinery that had the appearance of elegantly panelled walls, with the same beading applied throughout the room for full effect.  



KEY CHALLENGE- The key challenge in the kitchen was to integrate all the white goods for a clean, crisp look as the previous configuration meant the decorative beading around the windows had to be cut into to accommodate the full size freestanding fridge freezer.

We sourced a slim line integrated fridge freezer only slightly smaller in capacity and replaced the old decorative beading around the window frames with slimmer profile beading for a symmetrical and cohesive look. We also introduced a small wine fridge for the client.  



KEY CHALLENGE- The key stylistic challenge in the bedroom was to add depth and sumptuousness to somewhat dull and lacklustre space. 

We swapped the heavy black leather headboard for one in olive velvet with an elegantly curved shape that softens the lines of chimney breast and added exotic bird prints above for a playful focal point to draw the eye in. Above we painted the ceiling a rich emerald green, which gently cocoons without enveloping those that lie below.


Delaware Mansions-24.jpg

KEY CHALLENGE- The key challenge in the master bedroom when it came to the inbuilt joinery was to create more storage space, including drawer space, within a defined area. We designed a new wardrobe that went up towards the ceiling creating a row of smaller cupboards for storing linen, towels and suitcases, and a set of drawers in the centre of the cupboards for easy access to socks, underwear and t-shirts. 

Jade green bamboo panels were added to the front of the wardrobes along with long, lucite handles, creating harmony with the rest of the subtly exotic bedroom.



KEY CHALLENGE- The key challenge in the bathroom was to turn it from a cramped bathroom into a spacious shower room. Whilst this sounds relatively straightforward there were a few restrictions on layout, such as, accommodating a pump next to the toilet, and ensuring enough drop from the shower waste to the soil pipe on the external wall.

We created a partition on the external wall to conceal the pump and cistern for the wall hung toilet, and a small step into the walk in shower area that runs wall to wall, opening up the space and keeping the lines simple as possible.

We painted the walls the colour of fresh plaster with contrasting fish scale mosaic tiles in the shower area for a bright and fresh palette that was a little unexpected.