Alongside kitchens, bathrooms can be the trickiest room to design in a home.

The are many technical and practical considerations such as, drainage, extraction, waterproofing, heating and water pressure, not to mention, condensation, storage, aesthetics and environmental concerns.

The studio has recently finished its most challenging bathroom project to date, a separate ensuite bathroom and shower room.

The challenging spaces were set in the lower ground of a Victorian mews in Notting Hill. The subterranean spaces had low vaulted ceilings (a paltry 5’8’’ in the shower room!), bad extraction, condensation problems, and a 90s beige facade that was tired and outdated.






CHALLENGE- Low ceiling height especially in shower area where the head height was severely restricted.

SOLUTION- I specified a very narrow wall drain, its minimal height allowing the floor level to be lowered in the shower area. The contractors also raised the ceiling to give additional height to the space.

In addition, after extensive searching I found an ultra slim profile shower head which when positioned close to the ceiling meant along with the other alterations, a 6 foot man could now stand under the shower without hunching over!

Inspiration image for a Moroccan plastered shower room

Inspiration image for a Moroccan plastered shower room

CHALLENGE- Without any natural ventilation the bathroom and shower room had a propensity to over condensate and mildew grew in the tiles which were almost impossible to keep clean.

SOLUTION- As my clients were keen to create a natural environment I chose a Moroccan plaster finish. The walls were lined with marine plywood and the surface was covered in this traditional lime based plaster that possesses natural waterproof properties.

The finish has the additional benefit of being naturally mould and mildew resistant which has proven to be a problem before with the multiple grout lines in the old tiles being both unsightly and a pain to keep clean.

Inspiration image for a Moroccan plastered bath tub

Inspiration image for a Moroccan plastered bath tub

CHALLENGE- Lack of storage, specially no dedicated cupboard space for storing towels and toiletries.

SOLUTION- I worked within the parameters of the undulating vaulted ceilings to create two bespoke joinery units. The first, a tall double cupboard in the main bathroom that conceals ample storage space for all the clients bathing bits and bobs. The second, a half height cupboard in the shower room that also double as a divider for to delineate the shower enclosure, and has in built niches on the shower side for handy access to shampoo, soap etc.