Poetry, Rabbits & Mothers Day- A Special Mural for a South London Family Home

There are many things I get excited about when beavering away in the studio but creating something unique for my clients that will be appreciated and treasured is probably the most fulfilling of them all. In the spirit of Mother's Day here's a short story about an 11 year old girl called Bea and her mother.

Back in October last year I began a new project for a bohemian family home in South London. My first brief was to create a magical bedroom for a bright as a button girl called Bea who loves books and animals in equal measure.

When I asked Bea's favourite book her mother gave me a copy of Flora & Ulysses, a tale of a girl and a wise, poetic squirrel. Bea had run downstairs to her mother after reading a verse within it proclaiming "I've found a poem and it's all about you!"

I knew I wished to incorporate this special poem into the room and got in touch with the talented artist Diane Hill to collaborate together to produce a mural for Bea's bedroom. As well as Ulysses the squirrel, Diane painted 'Peanut' Bea's adorable miniature lion head rabbit.

As Diane beautifully put it, "Reading the words 'nothing would be easier without you' is such a great story of love. It meant so much to me that this small mural will mean so much to the family. When asking Bea if she was happy with the mural, she said "yes but there's one thing - what do we do when Peanut dies? Oh actually I'd have a lovely Peanut reminder on my wall forever" 😍"