Beijos Brazilia- South American Style

To mark the Olympic Games in Rio I've curated some of the best of Brazilian art, interiors and architecture for your viewing pleasure...

These tile patterns were designed by Brazilian artist and designer Athos Bulcão, who collaborated with Oscar Niemeyer and other architects and designers to help build Brazil’s relocated capital city, Brasilia, in 1956. The city was a grand social, political, and urban experiment, is now the largest in the world that didn’t exist at the beginning of the 20th century, and it’s dotted with futuristic buildings and these amazing tiled surfaces. 

Pale blue walls form a sophisticated backdrop with clustered cloud-like lights and a ceramic blossom installation by Brazilian artist Valeria Nascimento at London's Spring Restaurant.

'Spider' Jacaranda and glass dining table, circa 1950, by Giuseppe Scapinelli. Scapinelli was a lesser known Brazilian Modernist or 'Jungle Modernist' who ran a successful furniture shop in Sao Paolo in the 1950s, where he sold his own designs such as this sleek, sinuous table.

brazil 5.jpg

Globe-trotting CNN anchor Anderson Cooper's heavenly tropical compound nestled in the postcard-perfect Brazilian town of Trancoso.