Who says white tiles make a bathroom boring?

The stylish scandi bathroom from our Shoreditch Townhouse project was recently featured in an article by Swedish design writer, Camilla Østergaard Pedersen. I've translated the piece into English for your reading pleasure, with a link to the original article at the bottom for any Swedes.


Who says white tiles make a bathroom boring?

The simple tile is a classic choice, but certainly does not exclude that a bathroom can be both exciting and personal.

White tiles are a timeless classic and a safe choice for the bathroom. The colour is associated in the West with purity and fits perfectly into the room where we wash and groom ourselves. White tiles also make room feel brighter and larger. The possibilities are endless, and just because it’s a classic choice, it definitely need not be boring - see for yourself here:

Metro Tiles- A Modern Classic

Metro tiles, with their characteristic appearance are now iconic. The white tile with a bevelled edge, 7.5 x 15 cm, adorned the walls of New York’s subway opened in 1904. The tile has since been used in the Paris and St. Petersburg undergrounds, hence the name Metro tile, but in recent years it’s also become popular in cafes and private homes. Metro tiles are especially good to invite indoors because their shiny white surfaces reflect light and make small spaces appear roomier.

This bathroom below combines the classic subway tile with a marble sink and elegant faucets, perfectly complementing both the wall light and mirror to create a fresh yet enduring interior.

One of the advantages of having a bathroom with white tiles is that with just small changes you can give the room a completely different look. Should you eventually tire of your current style, you can easily give the bathroom a makeover with a new colour scheme. The bathroom here has incorporated punchy lemon accessories, resulting in a cohesive space with lots of life.

Square Tiles

Simple, square white tiles, which we know from older bathrooms and industrial kitchens, fit perfectly into Scandinavian-style interiors with their clean and utilitarian look. If you line the walls with them from floor to ceiling, they can provide a strong industrial character. This bathroom embodies monochromatic simplicity, with a large round mirror, providing a great dynamic to the square tiles.

Colourful Grouting

Most often we see grouting in the same colour as the tile or another neutral colour, commonly a shade of grey. However, there are endless possibilities when it comes to grouting, so why not give the bathroom edge with contrasting grouting? It gives the bathroom a completely different, playful look. In this bathroom the blue grouting underlines the nautical theme without resorting to kitsch cliches.


The Crucial Details

A shower curtain that matches the rooms other delicate colours, elevates this pared back bathroom whilst vintage pharmacies bottles for soap and lotion help make a classic white bathroom go from anonymous to exclusive.


The Personal Touch

If you choose to put tiles on either the upper or lower part of the wall, you can put your own personal stamp on the second half with paint in your favorite colour or decorative wallpaper. Go for a subdued colour, if you want an elegant look, or go whole hog with lively wallpaper that really gives the white tiles contrast.

Vintage Meets Modern

These square tiles have a touch of retro but look contemporary next to modern sanitary ware. The antique marble topped commode, adapted to hold a sleek white basin and chrome taps, amplifies the striking mix of vintage and modern.

Soak Up With Wood

If you want a less industrial look, incorporating the rich, earthy tones found in natural wood can create a softer, warmer look as exemplified in this beautiful, bijou bathroom.