Magic Carpets & Persian Rugs- Sourcing Fine Oriental Carpets

Carpets have long been an interest of mine. The colours, the patterns, the heritage and history capture my imagination. Woven into silk and woollen threads are stories, aspirations and beliefs. They are just a little bit magical!

For my current mansion flat project I wanted to seek inspiration from my client’s heritage. He was born is the ancient Persian city of Isfhan, known for its superior carpets.

Court of Shah Abbas.jpg

Isfahan grew to prominence during the Safavid period, reaching the height of its flourish under the reign of Shah Abbas the Great (1587-1629) who oversaw a cultural renaissance.

Delicate floral forms, arabesques, scrolls, vines and vase motifs are a tightly woven to create wonderfully rich, evocative carpets that look just like the kind of carpet you might imagine in a grand stately home, moth eaten and faded yet still utterly gorgeous.


Tabriz carpets are particularly beautiful to me too. Like Isfahan the city is old and has for centuries been an important trading hub known best for the Blue Mosque and giant bazaar. The carpets may not be as refined as those of Isfahan but are just as eye catching. They are perhaps even more imaginative with weeping willows, ancient palaces and the four great Persian poets creating mesmerising designs that take you back in time.